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IMG_6551 UTOUWeekend-007 Kayaking-020 Key West 101 SAMNESS


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sam ni

about samiticus

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I Sam,

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Oink Oink 28Sep10

After living with Sam for a few years, I’ve learned that he has a strong fondness for pigs. When we were recently playing DotA, I was a pig-like hero and was facing Sam. Whenever I would run around, I’d say “oink, oink, Sam, oink, oink!” This apparently made Sam too aroused to play well and so he got very upset and told me to shut up.

This photo came from our BV trip to Seaworld… apparently someone shares the same love of piggies as Sam.

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On the prowl 21Sep10

We hear from sources that Sam is on the prowl. Watch out ladies (?), here he comes!!!

Key West 101

If you want to proactively obtain some of this scrumptious man-meat, you can find Sam Ni on Facebook.

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Sam Pooping 06Sep10

Viraj strikes again!

We look forward to a future full of more videos of Viraj interrupting Sam in his bathroom activities.