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Sam Ni is making a movie!

I can’t wait to see it!

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This is what happens when an out of shape Sam Ni decides to drink too much. We discovered Sam in the bathroom when the following happened…

Poor Sam…

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Sam Pooping 06Sep10

Viraj strikes again!

We look forward to a future full of more videos of Viraj interrupting Sam in his bathroom activities.

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Shower time 25Jun10

Last year, we went to Vegas and Chad discovered he could unlock the bathroom doors with a coin. It’s SAM NI SHOWER TIME! (no nudity, but there is obscenity)

On the same trip, I also tried to discover what it would take for Sam to give permission to take out his knees:

And Sam likes to be inappropriate with bananas:

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First! 23Jun10

Welcome to Samitic.us, the Sam Ni fan site!  I’ll keep this short and sweet for now, but expect awesome updates in the future!  For now, enjoy the following documentary: